7. September 2017

In the area of industry consulting, the WBA examined the effects of the new corporate strategy and derived the necessary measures in a bilateral project with the Weener Plastik GmbH. The project approach was divided into three work packages. Firstly, the determinants that triggered the need for action, current capabilities as well as future corporate strategies were investigated. Building upon this, the potential and future requirements were identified and finally these are brought into a concrete plan for measures for implementation.

First of all, an organizational and technological benchmarking was carried out to evaluate the current capabilities of the tool shop. By looking at numerous concrete key figures, the current characteristics of Weener were compared to a representative comparison group of similar companies that are in an extensive benchmarking database. The result was a detailed comparison of the own capabilities to the competition. Furthermore, the corporate strategy was analyzed and the resulting future requirements for the tool shop were identified.

In order to guarantee a successful implementation of the corporate strategy within the tool company, the effects of the identified potentials and requirements for processes, technologies and employee competences were subsequently analyzed. For this purpose, the performance level of these dimensions as recorded in the benchmarking were contrasted with future requirements to identify the resulting areas in need of action. In the third step, the identified areas were addressed, starting by developing measures. These measures were then compiled into a detailed measure plan, which included a clear timetable for implementation but also defined the responsibilities that appear in the plan. Based on this measure plan, measures were implemented one by one in close cooperation of the WBA and Weener Plastik GmbH to successfully realize the corporate strategy in the area of tool making.

The core project results thus include the identification of effects of corporate strategy on tool making as well as the accompaniment of the implementation of the resulting measures to adapt the required processes, technologies and competences.