19. April 2017
In the area of industry consulting, the WBA conceptualized tool room centralization for two bilateral consulting projects at two locations as well as the layout for Böhler Schmiedetechnik, also creating an implementation roadmap with a detailed implementation plan. The project’s approach is divided into three project phases.

In the course of the resource planning, first the current and future resource demand and supply is analyzed. Under consideration of the strategic development of internal production, the future demand for tools as well as machines and employees necessary for production.

Out of the need of the Böhler Schmiedetechnik to secure the competitiveness of their internal tool room in the long run and to optimize the tool production process with regard to technological and economic considerations, the viability of tool room centralization should be evaluated. Based on the resource plan, there is a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the tool room centralization in a business case as well as a detailed recommendation for a decision about the timetable for implementation.

In the final project phase, a material-flow-oriented production layout is developed for centralized tool rooms. In joint workshops with employees from all relevant departments and subject areas and under consideration of given restriction, a general layout and then a detailed layout is developed.

The central project result was a centralized tool room for the Böhler Schmiedetechnik that is sustainably competitive and secures the tool supply of the internal production in the long-term.